Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cheeze-It Math

I was thinking about the Cheeze-It Math activity where students use the crackers to study Perimeter and Area. Really cool idea but if I'm going to spend the money to buy students a snack I want to make sure it's going to make them do a fair amount of math work. I was thinking that I'd use the Cheeze-Its as a review activity to cover Perimeter & Area, Square Roots, and Division/Factorization. The Square Roots are pretty easy (see how many crackers are needed to make a square, then count a side) but the division would probably be the most helpful in my opinion. If the students are trying to factor 24, give them 24 crackers and have them place them in a rectangle (This could be done with 1x24, 2x12, 3x8, 4x6). Each of the dimensions is a factor of the whole number. I think I might write the activity for my TeachersPayTeachers site!

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