Thursday, May 17, 2012


I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about my favorite online math program. It's called Mathletics produced by an Australian based company, 3PLearning. The program consists of several parts:
  1. Live Mathletics - 60 second, rapid-fire, basic math questions where students go head to head with other kids around the world (or a computer if they prefer). It covers addition and subtraction to 99, multiplication and division of facts up to 10.
  2. Practice Tests & Activities - These are based off the US National Curriculum but can be altered by the school's Mathletics contact. Typically the students have 10 question activities where they can practice their skills answering questions. Results are logged for the teacher's use. They also have pre- and post-tests for entire units.
  3. Challenger Tests - I never had this feature while I was teaching so I'm not sure how it works in the classroom. In theory, however, you should be able to set tests and compare the students with the US National Standards.
  4. Workbooks - Printable workbooks for every grade level and multiple topics. Again, this feature wasn't available when I was teaching but I've since had the opportunity to browse through the workbooks and they're as good as any I've purchased in the store!
  5. Demonstrations - See the Mathletics page just like a student would see it to show them what is expected. Also can be used to work through sample problems in class. 
  6. Teacher Toolkit - Again, a lot of this is new but they have some lesson planning ideas, an interactive dictionary, teaching widgets, and video presentations. 
This program WORKS. My most successful case was a special needs student who, at the beginning of the year, could answer four questions in a 60 second game. By the end of the year he had improved to answering 70 questions in the same amount of time. Kids love challenging other students, especially kids in other countries for some reason. They can't talk to the kids, they can't see pictures, can't see last names, so they're safe and they're learning math. If you're a Math teacher that has access to the lab and are willing to ensure that your students work with the program, I highly suggest that you contact them for a free trial!

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