Thursday, May 24, 2012

Teaching Portfolio

About 6 months ago the husband of my good friend got a job in California and she needed to look for a new teaching job in that area. I had hired her about 4 years previously when I was the Head of Middle and High School Math in Puerto Rico and she asked if I could help her put together some information for an application in the States. I convinced her that she really needed a teaching portfolio and she took my advice and allowed me to create it for her. I was quite proud of the work. A couple weeks ago she gave me a call to let me know that she'd received two job offers and one was from her "top choice" school (!) She also mentioned that every school she applied to LOVED the teaching portfolio.

If you're looking to switch teaching jobs and want to stand out (and let's be honest, in this economy we all need to stand out) I would suggest creating a portfolio. I've uploaded my own, and the one I created for my friend with any personal details altered to protect the innocent :)

If you'd like to have your own teaching portfolio you can contact me and I'll be happy to design one for you. If you'd like to make your own I have listed some of the items I feel are most important:

  1. Attractive cover page with a theme that is carried throughout the portfolio
  2. Table of contents
  3. Resume
  4. Teaching Philosophy
  5. Work Samples (lesson plans, bulletin boards, worksheets you have created)
  6. Projects (I highly, highly suggest a section on 21st Century Learning because this is BIG in schools right now!)
  7. Extracurricular Activities (schools like to see that you are going to go above and beyond)
  8. References


  1. Thanks for this. I'm using this along with other tips I found to revamp my own portfolio!

    1. Glad you found this helpful and good luck on revamping!