Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bulletin Boards

Today's post was supposed to be a gathering of some cool bulletin boards. I love the idea of bulletin boards but I hate the actual follow through of updating them constantly. What I have been looking for are boards that you can put up at the beginning of the year, you can alter weekly/monthly by just switching out a few pre-made items, and they can stay up all semester. What did I find? Practically nothing! Here's a quick list of the ones I liked, but I think I'll have to write up some of my own for TPT. Perhaps no one else is quite as lazy as I am and enjoys changing their bulletin boards often.

SAT Problem of the Week - ok, this one's mine so it probably doesn't count :)
Leapin' Larry's Rise for Flies - this one probably couldn't be left up for an entire semester but at least an entire unit. You could use it for the daily warm-up or "ticket out of class."
Math Hunt - I love this one and have used it in my PreAlgebra/Algebra classes. I printed my questions on cardstock, laminated them and affixed them to the bulletin board. The answer to each question was a single digit between 0 and 9. Once they answered all three questions they could attempt the lock. Instead of candy (since I like long-term bulletin boards and hate ants), I gave homework passes!

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