Sunday, June 10, 2012

SAT Bulletin Board

I love putting up bulletin boards at the beginning of the year but after three weeks in to the school year I lose steam and forget to update/change them. A couple years ago I tried an SAT Problem of the Week board and it worked out great! Over the summer I found Math SAT practice problems and typed them all up in Word using the equation editor. During the first days of school I printed each question off on a single sheet of cardstock, laminated them, and stuck them in a file folder. Each Monday I would (be reminded by a student to) replace the question. The folder (shown at the bottom left in the picture) held the paper where students had to show how they solved the problem and the blue paper on the bottom right listed the rules and rewards for students who solved it correctly. If you'd like to make your own board, start collecting SAT problems over the summer so that you have enough to last through the year. Head to this website,, or sign up for the College Board's daily email to have them delivered to your inbox. I believe the problem is math related every 3rd day. Make sure you check your answer...sometimes they're pretty difficult!

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