Saturday, June 30, 2012

Who Are You?

Ok, back to summer prep! Another task you can take care of over the summer is the "Introduction" letter. During the first day or two I like to pass out a letter to the students/parents to give them some information about me to help them see me as a person. I include places that I've lived and taught, hobbies that I have and my class expectations. Here's a copy of my About Me letter from 2009 (with a few personal details blacked out)...

Ok, I want to add one little thing here. I put together a packet of information for the students on the first day (or two) of school that includes:
     1. Introduction Letter (this post)
     2. Student Information Sheet
     3. Email Listserv
     4. Laptop Guidelines
     5. Syllabus (I haven't included this one on the blog because it is so course specific!)

I keep several of these packets stapled together in a file in my desk for when I receive new students. It will save you SO much time if you don't have to scramble around looking for all of these sheets of paper. Second little tip, run them on different colored paper so you can find them easily!

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