Sunday, July 1, 2012

Emergency Lesson Plans

The first two weeks of school always has me scrambling around to get everything finished. Every year, without fail, I turn in my Emergency Lesson Plans late. This is always on the bottom of my "To Do" list because I rarely miss a day (I don't often get sick, and I hate the catch-up work so I don't play hooky). So if you're anything like me, vow to get this done over the summer this year!

You can download a copy of my sub plans here but I have a quick disclaimer:
1. These files do not have answer keys attached nor will I attach them because students can find them online
2. I cannot guarantee that all of the questions are correct - you should work through them before giving them to your students
3. These are meant for a 45 minute class period

These are geared towards the end of PreAlgebra, all of Algebra, or a review for Geometry students. Hope they help you design your own emergency substitution plans!


  1. You are my hero! I am a high school learning support teacher and I just copied this for my emergency lesson plan folder. Thank you!!!!

  2. Thank you. These are awesome.