Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sub Plans

Since we discussed Emergency Lesson Plans yesterday, I figured I should go over the contents of my sub plan folder (I think a 3-ring binder with labeled dividers works best). In no particular order, I include:

1. Class list for attendance purposes (with nicknames)
2. Seating chart(s) if applicable
3. Teacher schedule - for example, if you have a staggered lunch schedule you should include the exact time to leave/return for lunch
4. Important medical information - if you have a student with a medical condition that the sub might have to deal with, you should include any necessary instructions. This could include things such as diabetes, Tourette Syndrome, epilepsy, etc. along with a list of any students that leaves your room for regularly scheduled events (taking medicine in the office, psychologist apt, speech therapy).
5. Location of emergency lesson plans if the office doesn't keep them
6. Description of duty such as lunch, before school, or after school
7. For all of us math teachers - your calculator policy so your students do not convince the sub they can use them all of the time!
8. Behavioral concerns/consequences - I like to leave the sub a list of students they need to watch for certain behaviors. This might include your frequent bathroom visitors or kids to watch for "roaming eyes" during quizzes!

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