Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cutting down on time out of class...

It drives me nuts when kids miss class to use the restroom, go to their lockers, or get a drink of water (or wander the halls under the pretense of one of these activities). I have developed two ways to cut down on time spent out of class.

The first is an Emergency Hall Pass. Each quarter I give my students one of these slips of paper that allows them to leave the room in an "emergency" for a reasonable amount of time. Once they use their two free passes they have to remain in my room during the entire period. (In a true bathroom emergency, and you can tell by the look on a kid's face, I'll still allow them to go even if the passes have been used!) They first ask permission to leave, then fill out the information on the front, and hand the pass to me to sign. No pass, stay in class :) You can make your own in Publisher/Word or you can download my free version on TeachersPayTeachers.

For some classes, the Emergency Hall Pass just doesn't work. Maybe the kids are too forgetful. Maybe you feel bad holding them to just two bathroom breaks a quarter. Maybe you're just sick of hearing them whine that they are out of "emergency" breaks. For that, I created a second way to cut down on time outside of class. I have a notebook close to the door with a sheet of paper for each and every student I teach. On the front side is a sign-out sheet. Whenever a student needs to leave the room they tell me where they're going, I give permission, and then they have to write the date, time out, reason for leaving, and the time returned when they get back. Since most students are inherently lazy, they'll actually remain in class so they don't have to sign the book. I like having the record to see how often students are missing class which is exceptionally helpful for certain parent-teacher conferences! (If a student is absent for an entire class period I will also write the absence down on sheet.) On a side note, I keep a behavior log on the back side of this sheet. I don't have a copy of the Student Log online for download but if you're interested I'd be happy to send you a copy via email. Just drop me a comment or an email!

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