Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day Late Pass

I'll admit it...I'm not a fan of Homework Passes. I don't give homework as "busy work" and in math the students REALLY need daily practice to improve. But I also know that sometimes students (not to mention teachers) forget to do their work. I decided to create a Day Late Pass which allows students to hand in a homework or classwork assignment one school-day late without penalty. I do put some restrictions on the pass, however:
1) The pass cannot be used on tests, quizzes, or projects unless the student has prior permission
2) The pass is not "transferable" to other students
3) The pass needs to be turned in the day the assignment is due, and will not be returned in the event that the student forgets their homework a second day

I typically have a stack of these in my desk drawer to hand out for Christmas presents, rewards for good behavior/work, or prizes for my Stamp Activities (which will be discussed in a later post!). Have some of these on hand to show the kids in the first week of class. You can create your own in MS Publisher/Word or download my free pdf file from TeachersPayTeachers here.

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  1. I love this! I too avoid busy work, but I love free homework passes because they're such an easy "bonus." This way it is still an easy give, and students do the work!