Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A little late...

So I probably should have posted this earlier, but TeachersPayTeachers had a Back To School last weekend. My store was offering 20% off all products, and then the site offered another 10% (totaling 28%). I didn't think to post because I was sitting by my phone waiting for updates as my sister-in-law was in labor with my niece. A very beautiful and chubby (9 lb, 12 oz) baby Scarlett joined our family Sunday afternoon!

Anyways, I worked hard to finish my 21st Century Skills Logic Puzzles and had them posted before the sale ended. My description is as follows:
This is a set of 40 number-based logic puzzles designed to encourage critical thinking in any subject area. This document contains three key components:
1) 40 printable puzzles ideal for printing for individual use or overhead teaching
2) Printable answer key for each puzzle
3) A teacher's guide explaining the logic behind each puzzle to aid in instruction

These puzzles are perfect for individualized or partner work during warm-ups, lengthened class periods, Fun Friday activities, or as an engaging filler activity if your lesson runs too short!

If you'd like to download a free sample of 5 puzzles, head over to the link above and check them out! 

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